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Building: Standard The Forest Cheats

The Forest cheats and console command help.
Command or ID
Command Category
PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuiltRockPit 1 PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuiltRockPit 1 Adds Fire Pit.
PlaceBuiltObjects Fireplace_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Fireplace_Built 1 Adds Fireplace.
PlaceBuiltObjects FireStandBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects FireStandBuilt 1 Adds Standing Fire.
PlaceBuiltObjects GazeboBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects GazeboBuilt 1 Adds Gazebo.
PlaceBuiltObjects HolderExplosives_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects HolderExplosives_Built 1 Adds Explosives Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects HolderSnacks_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects HolderSnacks_Built 1 Adds Large Cabinet.
PlaceBuiltObjects HouseBoat_Small 1 PlaceBuiltObjects HouseBoat_Small 1 Adds House Boat.
PlaceBuiltObjects LargeRaftBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LargeRaftBuilt 1 Adds Large Raft.
PlaceBuiltObjects LeafHutBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LeafHutBuilt 1 Adds Temporary Shelter.
PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabinBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabinBuilt 1 Adds Log Cabin.
PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabin_Small_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabin_Small_Built 1 Adds Small Cabin.
PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderBuilt 1 Adds Small Log Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderLargeBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderLargeBuilt 1 Adds Large Log Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects MedicineCabinet_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects MedicineCabinet_Built 1 Adds Small Cabinet.
PlaceBuiltObjects MultiSledBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects MultiSledBuilt 1 Adds Log Sled.
PlaceBuiltObjects MultiThrowerBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects MultiThrowerBuilt 1 Adds Catapult.
PlaceBuiltObjects RabbitCageBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RabbitCageBuilt 1 Adds Rabbit Cage.
PlaceBuiltObjects RaftBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RaftBuilt 1 Adds Small Raft.
PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderBuilt 1 Adds Small Rock Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderLargeBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderLargeBuilt 1 Adds Large Rock Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects RockSidePlatformBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RockSidePlatformBuilt 1 Adds Side Platform.
PlaceBuiltObjects RopeBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects RopeBuilt 1 Adds Climbing Rope.
PlaceBuiltObjects ShelterBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects ShelterBuilt 1 Adds Hunting Shelter.
PlaceBuiltObjects SkinRack_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects SkinRack_Built 1 Adds Skin Rack.
PlaceBuiltObjects SkullLightBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects SkullLightBuilt 1 Adds Skull Lamp.
PlaceBuiltObjects SmallTableBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects SmallTableBuilt 1 Adds Small Table.
PlaceBuiltObjects SpikeDefenseBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects SpikeDefenseBuilt 1 Adds Defensive Spikes.
PlaceBuiltObjects StickMarkerBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects StickMarkerBuilt 1 Adds Stick Marker.
PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderBuilt 1 Adds Small Stick Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderLargeBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderLargeBuilt 1 Adds Large Stick Holder.
PlaceBuiltObjects TableBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects TableBuilt 1 Adds Table.
PlaceBuiltObjects Target_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Target_Built 1 Adds Wood Target.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_Deadfall 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_Deadfall 1 Adds Deadfall Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_LeafPileBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_LeafPileBuilt 1 Adds Leaf Pile Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RabbitBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RabbitBuilt 1 Adds Animal Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RopeBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RopeBuilt 1 Adds Noose Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_SpikeWall 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_SpikeWall 1 Adds Happy Birthday Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_swingingRockInTree 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_swingingRockInTree 1 Adds Rope Swing Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireExplosiveBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireExplosiveBuilt 1 Adds Explosive Wire Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt 1 Adds Molotov Wire Trap.
PlaceBuiltObjects WalkwayStraightBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WalkwayStraightBuilt 1 Adds Wooden Path.
PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt 1 Adds Basic Wall.
PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Doorway 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Doorway 1 Adds Wall With Door.
PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Window 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Window 1 Adds Wall With Window.
PlaceBuiltObjects WaterCollector_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WaterCollector_Built 1 Adds Water Collector.
PlaceBuiltObjects WeaponRackBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WeaponRackBuilt 1 Adds Weapon Rack.
PlaceBuiltObjects WoodCouch_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WoodCouch_Built 1 Adds Couch.
PlaceBuiltObjects WoodFrame_Built 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WoodFrame_Built 1 Adds Stick Frame.
PlaceBuiltObjects WorkBenchBuilt 1 PlaceBuiltObjects WorkBenchBuilt 1 Adds Bench.
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Was this site helpful to you? We would very much appreciate you whitelisting us or using this link when you shop on Amazon (no impact on your order).